Sewer Check Valves & Sewer Ejector Pumps for Basement

Has your basement flooded because a NYC Sewer Backed Up?  Install a Sewer Check Valve & Sewer Ejector Pump for prevention.  Heavy rainfalls or over developing in NYC may cause the sewer system to be overworked and eventually backups may occur causing flooding in your basement. There are many reasons why a sewer can back up in certain areas of NYC. The headaches and financial burden cleaning up a basement every time it rains hard in NYC is overwhelming. A back up doesn’t always mean the home sewer is malfunctioning or cleaning is required. Frequently, installing a sewer check valve would be the only solution you need to prevent a sewer from backing up and flooding your basement. This reliable device is a one-way valve that only lets water out. When water from a flood attempts to enter your basement, the device automatically closes the home drainage system.

Let Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer not only install your sewer check valve but let us maintain it once or twice a year. We will make sure no sediments or debris deposits inside the valve. This will ensure reliable and dependable operation of your sewer check valve.

Sewage ejector pumps, also called sewage pumps, sanitary sewer pumps or solid waste pumps, are used when there are toilets below the public or private sewer line. If waste can’t flow to the sewer line by gravity, the waste has to be lifted to be discharged into the sewer. Let Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer install these sewage ejector pumps to ensure your basement never has to endure the stench of sewage.

Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer is NYC’s leading expert in all types of sub surface plumbing issues. We have over 80 year of experience. Ask any of our satisfied customers about our professional, courteous and reliable service.

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