Fire Sprinkler Mains

Make sure your home or business has the adequate fire protection services it needs. Get peace of mind knowing Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer will handle all your Fire Sprinkler Mains needs. From moving and relocating a fire hydrant, to expertly designing your sprinkler system, trust us to ensure your safety from fire. We make sure it is done right for the first time because when it comes to fire prevention, there are no second chances. Why run the risk?

The Figliolia Family has over 80 years experience installing fire sprinkler mains in a wide variety of buildings and spaces. From condos to office buildings, warehouses to garages, retail stores or restaurants we know how to ensure the water will work when needed. Our expert installation will give you the peace of mind you need for your business. If you require a custom fire sprinkler system, we can design and install any size you desire.

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